RC Models


Stable. Can fly in winds. Very strong. Easy to repair. 100% EPP construction. V-Tail for strength and simplicity. Emax CF2805 brushless motor, adaptor and propeller. Emax 18amp brushless speed controller. Transmitter with elevon or vtail mixing function, otherwise use v-tail mixer. Receiver. 2 x Micro (9g) servos ie HS55’s. Flight battery (2cell lipo, 1800-2100mah) ie […]



ACROFLYER 90 is an aerobatic plane designed for aerobatic flying. It is made of almost indestructible EPP material. They have been precision cut on CNC machines. With its durable design you will be able to fly in the wind with confidence. The ACROFLYER 90 is capable of many acrobatic flight elements – loops, inverted flight, […]

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