Flyteam cuts all kinds of polystyrene and expanded polypropylene materials. We use a computer controlled process of hot wire cutting which provides high levels of accuracy and easily repeatable production.

  • Aircraft 3D models cut from EPP
Hand launched gliders with the possibility of use for advertising, 3D models of airplanes – kits. Models are either pure white or coloured with printed parts.

  • Advertising products from polystyrene
Various different shapes, letters, logos and banners. All are carefully and precisely manufactured from high quality polystyrene. The ease of modifying the surface of polystyrene means there are a multitude of colours and variations available.

  • Polystyrene combined with other materials
Polystyrene is combined with materials such as acrylic, aluminium or plastic as a sandwich. Professionally selected combinations allow us to offer the effect of luxury with a very affordable price.

  • Illuminated advertising products from polystyrene
3D advertising banners are illuminated by LED-based lighting. The banners can be illuminated by front-side LED spots lights or they can be accentuated by LED backlighting.

  • Decorations and architectural elements
Elements are precisely tailored upon customer wishes from polystyrene. Our product portfolio includes antique columns, party decorations (e.g. snowmen, Valentine hearts, etc.) and many other features for mainly interior architects, architects and designers.

  • Polystyrene products for the construction industry
All requested cuts and shapes from various types of polystyrene are available on demand in a short time period.