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ACROFLYER 90 is an aerobatic plane designed for aerobatic flying.
It is made of almost indestructible EPP material. They have been
precision cut on CNC machines. With its durable design you will be
able to fly in the wind with confidence.

The ACROFLYER 90 is capable of many acrobatic flight elements –
loops, inverted flight, rolls, spins, hanging in a hover on prop, inverted loop.

Thanks to its thoughtful design and materials used this model can withstand
sharp maneuvers, rough handling and minor accidents with no serious damage,
any repairs arevery simple. EPP makes the model very durable.

Recommended Equipment:

  • Motor – Dualsky XM-400 or Emax 2822
  • ESC (electrionc Speed Control) – BL-720, 15AX ESC
  • Servos – GWS Naro micro servo, HS 55, TP 9 gram
  • Propeller – GWS EP 9 X 4.7,
  • Battery – Li-po 1000-1300 mAh, 2-3 Cell
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